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For the last decade, STEPHANIE TRACEY TUTORING (STT) has achieved remarkable success in teaching children in the suburban Baltimore area to read and spell through their unique three-step, phonics based, multisensory educational approach to reading and spelling.

This success is, in large part, due to our distinctive educational materials which include workbooks, computer programs, games, and hands on activities. These materials simplify and integrate the teaching of reading and spelling in a way which invites quick success. Long term retention of mastered skills is enhanced because all materials are designed for constant multisensory reinforcement.

All materials include simple directions, and are user-friendly to both student and facilitator (teacher, tutor or parent). They could easily be used in the classroom, in a small group such as a daycare facility, or in a one to one setting. They are particularly effective for the learning disabled student, but are also quite successful in enhancing learning for the average or gifted student. So whether you are an educational administrator seeking to redesign your curriculum, a teacher, a tutor, or a parent seeking to help your own child, our materials could be just what you've been looking for!

Our “Tracey Tutor” materials are now being used by homeschool parents, tutors, and educators.  Click here to view our products on our new website.

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