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STEPHANIE TRACEY TUTORING (STT) is a privately owned business located near Hampstead in Baltimore County, Maryland. We tutor students of all ages and all levels of ability (whether average, gifted or learning disabled), in reading and spelling. We also provide workshops in handwriting, grammar, and creative writing.

For the last decade, STT has achieved remarkable success in teaching students in Baltimore and Carroll Counties to read and spell through our unique, three-step, phonics based curriculum. Our curriculum includes workbooks, games, and hands on activities designed to enhance learning and retention by utilizing all the senses. For each student, we offer an individualized plan of instruction meant to target his or her specific needs.

Unlike impersonal storefront franchise facilities, we offer personalized one to one tutoring. Your student will be tutored privately by "Miss Stephanie". There are no separate charges for testing, and clients are not required to sign a contract.

Stephanie Tracey is an educator who understands the various learning styles of children and adults. She is skilled in techniques for quickly identifying weaknesses in a student’s reading and spelling and strengthening those areas. But of equal importance, she is particularly gifted with an ability to inspire students with confidence and with a desire to excel.

Many of the students we see have had a history of months and even years of academic failure which has affected the entire family. These are students who need the consistency of a skilled and compassionate tutor who is confident that they can have success.

Miss Stephanie encourages all her students – "You can do this!!!...I’m going to help you do this!!...And someday soon, you won’t need me to help you!"

Feel free to e-mail us with your questions or to arrange a telephone conference or personal consultation with Stephanie Tracey. You may also e-mail us to find a Certified STT Tutor in your area.

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