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Interestingly, it does not take years of training to become a successful reading and spelling tutor. However, it does take a particular kind of person. The ability to communicate what you know in a manner which enables another to comprehend and master it is an innate God given talent, much like musical talent or artistic talent. If you have innate teaching talent, you know it! You were the youngster who gathered up all your brothers and sisters and neighbors and sat them all down in front of a blackboard and played school...with you as the teacher! We are looking for people with innate teaching ability!


This innate teaching talent is the first ingredient necessary for establishing a successful business as a reading and spelling tutor. In addition to innate talent, you need a time proven method to teach reading and spelling with quick success.

We have, over the last ten years, developed a 3 step, phonics based, multisensory approach to teaching reading and spelling which utilizes computer programs, workbooks, games and hands on activities. This program is adaptable to any student of any age and any level of ability, including students with learning disabilities.

Our method is simple, logical, easy to learn and easy to teach, and utilizes much reinforcement so learning will "stick". It is time proven in that it has afforded quick and lasting success to scores of students. Our method can be quickly mastered and utilized by anyone with innate teaching ability.


How do you learn this highly successful method? We host small groups for intensive six day training sessions at our headquarters in the suburban Baltimore, Maryland area. You will be thoroughly trained in our method, you will observe and participate in actual tutoring sessions, and you will receive instruction in utilizing your own complete kit of our educational materials. It contains everything you need to BEGIN TUTORING!


Once you begin to tutor your own students, you will have income! That requires appointments and bookkeeping and tax paying and lots of details! It is this aspect of a tutoring business that keeps many people from success. We want to make this part easy for you! You will be instructed on various bookkeeping methods for your business.


Our schools claim qualified teachers and effective curriculum but our children cannot read! This failure is accentuated by the fact that hundreds of thousands of parents with little or no training but great motivation, obvious innate talent and recently learned skills are homeschooling a generation of students who are excelling beyond all expectations.

You can do this! You can begin a home based business which will help meet this great need in America today! If you have natural teaching talent and motivation, we can give you the method and skill and business know-how to set up your own tutoring business as a Certified Tutor.


If you are interested in learning more about our Training Sessions for becoming a Certified Tutor, you can e-mail us or call 410-790-6642.

If you would like to view our Headquarters Training Center, or apply without obligation for possible enrollment in our next Training Session, CLICK HERE.

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